Lessons to suit all guitarists and bassists

About my lessons

Guitarists and Bassists can really benefit from having both notes written down as well as a quick video demonstrating the material covered. Every one of the lessons you have with me can be supported by a short video demoing all the material covered that day. The easiest way to do this is on your own phone and this way you build up a constant reference library as you progress with the lessons. You can also refer back to if you’re having one of those weeks when practicing everyday isn’t quite happening!

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Playing Double Bass with BMG recording artist EARL

Live onstage playing electric bass for multi platinum UK RnB star Gabrielle

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1 thought on “Lessons to suit all guitarists and bassists

  1. Hi Dan,
    This is Wilf who used to have lessons at your house. Are you still offering lessons in London? I live in East Sheen, would you be available for either a single lesson at my house on a fortnightly basis, or a double once a month?


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