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  • What Is The Best Way to Learn Bass?

    What Is The Best Way to Learn Bass?

    Amplifying Your Journey to Professional Bass Playing: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Musicians Congratulations! You’ve decided to follow your passion and embark on the exciting and rewarding journey of professional bass playing. While your love for music and inherent talent have set you on this path, honing your skills and building a solid foundation is…

  • Interview for Leeds Conservatoire

    Interview for Leeds Conservatoire

    Recently, I had an interview with my former university, Leeds Conservatoire (previously known as Leeds College of Music). It was a pleasure to reconnect with them and discuss my experiences since graduating 18 years ago. Leeds is a wonderful city, and I cherished my time as a student there. Playing at venues such as The…

  • Why Play Bass Instead of Guitar

    Why Play Bass Instead of Guitar

    Hey there! Today, I want to discuss the unique features and advantages of playing the bass guitar and why you might consider picking it up instead of the guitar. The Role of the Bass Guitar in Music  Foundation of the Rhythm Section The bass guitar is the backbone of any band. We’re responsible for defining…