“You’re a terrific teacher and an amazing musician, and such people aren’t easy to find.  Your guidance has always been illuminating, often revelatory. I am very appreciative of how you’ve tried to help me as a musician” Chris, Electric Bass, age 48

“Dan has great ability to bring alive learning an instrument.  His enthusiasm for music and knowledge about jazz  has made double bass lessons the best part of my week.  I particularly enjoy learning how to spin my double bass!”  Joseph, Double Bass, age 13

“After playing the bass for many years, I wanted to improve my playing and get out of a rut, so I started lessons with Dan. My technique and my understanding of concepts such as rhythm have significantly improved and my only regret is that I didn’t start the lessons much earlier. Dan has great enthusiasm for bass playing, as well as huge technical knowledge and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him” Andrew, Electric Bass, age 52

“You’re a really great teacher man!” Marco, Electric Bass, age 28

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